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04 October 2005 @ 05:59 pm
"Ruben West. I swear to god if you walk past my office doorway one more time I am going to tar you, feather you, and leave you in the lobby for everyone to stare at."

Ruben was a new para-legal. He had just joined the firm before Angelfish had taken over. He still had no idea what he was doing and had taken to following me around like a frightened puppy dog. He had been pacing outside my office for the better part of an hour. "Anya?" I called, waiting to see her perky blonde head peek around the corner. "Will you please escort Mr West away from my office and give him a swift kick in the ass with your very tasteful shoes?"

I closed my office door and went back to the mounds of paperwork that was littering my desk. It was getting late, most employees had gone home for the night. Yet here I was. It sort of reminded me of my old days at Wolfram and Hart. The days where I would stay extra hours every night just to get one up on the competition.

Rubbing my temples I went back to work. I was actually starting to form a semi-strong case. Wesley might just be calling himself "Daddy" sooner than expected. I sealed some submittal forms into a manila envelope and placed it on Anya's empty desk, (she still hadn't returned) with a note to drop them by the courthouse on her way home.

Sitting back down at my desk, my eyes aching from re-reading case details again and again, I dialed a number on my phone.

"Judge Reinholt? Lilah Morgan."

I put on a soothing tone, that could easily charm most people as I continued. "Listen, I need a little favor. I've got a custody hearing that I'm working on. Would you be an absolute doll and push it forward for me?"

I paused, listening, while he yammered on the other end of the line. My voice still soothing and soft, I continued on..."But sweetie, If you don't do it I'll make sure and tell your wife all about that sordid little affair we had a couple of years back." There was silence on the other end of the line.

"I thought you'd come around to my way of thinking. Why don't you call back in the morning and leave a message with my assistant about when the hearing is? Thanks a million." I laughed softly before hanging up on him.
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