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01 August 2005 @ 11:09 pm
I locked my office door behind me as I walked in and kicked off my heels. What an unexpected afternoon. I thought to myself as I unbuttoned what was left of my silk blouse and tossed it into the waste basket. I flipped on the stero and soft classical music began to fill the office as I opened the door to the small closet in the back of my office. Many nights spent sleeping at my desk had prompted me to have the thing installed. If I was going to stay here all night working, I sure as hell wasn't going to look like it the next day. I pulled an emerald green shirt from its hanger and slid it on. The fabric rustled slightly, and I straightened it out while looking into the mirror on the back of the door. The fitted shirt wrapped itself around my curves gracefully. Although my outfit now looked suitable for Wolfram and Hart, I on the other hand, did not. I swept my hair up and wrapped it around, pinning it into place, then set to work getting all traces of blood off my lip and fixing my make up.

I pulled a long strand of Burkle's hair from underneath my nail as I sat down at my desk, and smirked. Dropping it on the floor, I pulled out some files and set to work. A few snapshots of Lindsey, tattooed and suspicious looking spilled out of a folder. I went through paper after paper of notes on him. Of course I had been trying to have him watched ever since I knew he was back. McDonald had mightily pissed of the SPs and that is not something you do and then waltz back into town. He had a reason to be here and I was aiming to find out what it was. Of course, he was making things a little difficult. He wasn't the easiest man to keep track of. But one thing was for certain. He had been frequenting the same bar, around the same time of day, quite a few nights a week.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, I realized I didn't have much time. I slipped my materials back into their respective folders, then locked them away. Grabbing my keys, I slipped back into my heels and exited the building.

My sleek car looked completely out of place, surrounded by the beat up auto's outside of the bar, but still I ventured in, took a seat at the bar, and ordered a scotch. I was taking my first sip as Lindsey opened the door and stepped inside.

I re-crossed my legs and took another drink as he approached the bar. "Fancy seeing you here cowboy." I said to him while watching the ice cubes in my glass."And here I was, just hoping for a nice quiet drink after work in my favorite..." I laughed without humor. "Ah I can't lie. This place is a dump."

I finally looked at him. "So are you going to tell me what exactly it is that you are doing in town?"

[Open to Lindsey]
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01 August 2005 @ 10:34 pm

I screamed, pushing one of the monsters away from me and trying frantically to get to her. Too late. She fell onto the floor. Her neck snapped. Blood had spattered across her pale face in the fight, but her white skin glowed through two trails where her tears had washed the red away.

Amanda was fighting one of them off in the kitchen. Two lay dead already on the floor. Rona was pushing another frantically, trying to get away. The fifth one had disappeared somewhere... I heard a creak and spun around, but I was too late. The last Bringer had wrapped it's strong arms around my neck and was slowly choking off my air supply. Rona began to grow fuzzy as I struggled for breath. I saw her take down the Bringer, but then collapse on top of him. It wasn't fair...why was this happening to us? What had we done? Molly and Chloe were screaming. Suddenly I was on the floor and could breath again. As I gulped fresh air into my lungs, Molly and Chloe helped me up. They had both charged at the Bringer who had been strangling me. He quickly rose from the floor and attacked the three of us.

Everything around me blurred. There was a pain in my leg. Chloe was crying. Amanda cried out in pain. Molly was cursing. My reactions were becoming slower, and I knew that if we didn't kill this one soon, that we would all be dead. I drew the sword that had been used to kill Shannon out of the floor. I couldn't find Molly and Chloe anymore. Swinging the sword Wildly I landed a lucky swing in the side of the Bringer's neck. His head toppled to the floor.

"Molly?" I called out wildly searching the floor. Kennedy. Cho-Ann. Rona. Vi. I passed the bodies that had once belonged to my friends. "Amanda? Anyone?"

"Anyone?" I reached out in the dark, and could feel tears wetting my cheeks. They were dead. Everyone was dead.

There was a warm hand on my arm and my eyes shot open. The darkness finally began to fade away as the room came into focus. The walls were white, no blood. And I was laying in a bed. There were people around me. I struggled to see who they were, as the nearest person came into focus.

"Mr ... Mr Giles? What happened?"

[open to Faith, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Tara, Angel, ANYONE WHO WANTS TO VISIT THE HOSPITAL!]
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01 August 2005 @ 10:08 pm
Miss Burkle...Fred, as she keeps insisting I call her, had excused me from her office with the explanation of wanting to think my offer over. I couldn't blame her of course, what I was asking would be quite a new bit of responsibility to be taking on. Although, I will admit I was a bit sorry to be leaving her company. She was a very bright and engaging young woman. Even if she decided to turn down my offer, I made note to visit her department more often.

As I approached my office, Kristen, my assistant informed me that Mr Wyndam-Pryce was on the line for me. Ah, so Wesley had finally gotten around to calling me. I sat down behind my desk, looking forward to hearing his views on the "new" council, and wondering a bit why he didn't just come by my office in person. As I picked up the phone, I soon found out why. The Mr Wyndam-Pryce on the telephone wasn't Wesley at all. It was his father. Who I was less than thrilled about speaking with. He grilled and berated me for quite a few minutes about the "pitiful" job I was doing in reorganizing the council and how he was most displeased. Just as I was nearing my snapping point, my cellular phone rang. Putting Pryce Sr on hold, I answered Willow's phone call. Her frantic call for help had me running for the door.
Mr Wyndam-Pryce was still on hold.

I arrived at the apartment complex and found paramedics fussing over Colleen, as well as Molly and Amanda being wheeled out on stretchers. In a slight panic, I dashed upstairs to find Willow pale with fright, and frantically searching the potential's dead bodies for any signs of life. She looked as if she was about to sprint from the room when she ran into me. In an attempt to comfort her, I wrapped my arms around her and drew her into my chest.

"Willow?" I said looking into her large green eyes. "Do you know what happened?" Although it was almost pointless to ask. The Bringers had attacked the girls while they slept. I should have known better than to put them all together like this without Buffy or Faith nearby to protect them. They were like sitting ducks. Of course the Bringers were going to attack them. My anger and guilt were soon joined by a sense of frustration. I suppose I would never quite get used to all the death and senseless loss that came with my station in life.

I escorted Willow out of the bloodstained room and downstairs into her own apartment. Willow sat down, while I called Faith and Buffy leaving messages for the two of them to meet us at the hospital. Willow numbly called Xander, Anya, Tara, and Angel. Squeezing the redhead on her shoulder, I said, "We should get to the hospital. I don't want the girls to be alone." She nodded and the two of us walked out the door.
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01 August 2005 @ 09:05 pm
After my "meeting" with Angel, I decided it wouldn't hurt to peek into the magick department. You know, just to see how things were going. I got a few smiles, a few dirty looks, and quite a lot of "Where did you disappear to Ms Rosenberg?"... I guess Tara didn't explain much to the staff while I was gone. I shrugged it off as I weaved in and out of the counter tops and bookshelves. A young woman stood near one of the windows, apparently struggling with a large book. I made my way over to her.

She looked frightened as I approached her, and quickly buried her head in the pages of her book.
"Everything going alright over here?" I asked smiling at her.

I looked over everything that she had been working on, and after a few minutes I discovered an error in her translation. A look of relief washed over her face as I pointed it out and wrote down the correct translation. She happily continued on with her work after that. Soon after producing tiny cheeping canaries out of thin air. Granted I had no idea what that spell might actually be for in a place like Wolfram and Hart, but it felt good to be helping. And to be back in the department. Sure I was a little worried about controlling my powers, but for the most part I was upbeat and looking forward to coming back to work here everyday.

I hummed a little out of tune as I walked back to the apartments. I had gotten up to my floor and had my key out to unlock the apartment door when I was interrupted by a dazed and very bloodstained Colleen stumbling down the stairs. She stood there, a look of horror etched in her pretty features, just staring at me. My keys fell to the floor with a loud bang that echoed in the hallway. I ran over to Colleen and tried to get her to tell me what happened. She couldn't speak. Her mouth sagged open, but no noise found its way out. I speed dialed Giles and then followed with the Wolfram and Hart ambulances. The paramedics arrived a few moments later, taking the horrified potential and attempting to clean her up, while she fought them off feebly. I ventured up the stairs that Colleen had just fumbled down, there was smeared blood on the walls. How had this happened? What had happened. The door to the potential's apartment was wide open. There were bodies everywhere.

The Bringers. 5 of their dead bodies lay mingled in with the lifeless bodies of the potentials that were strewn all over the floor. I suppressed the urge to vomit as I searched the faces. Looking for any other survivors. Checked pulse after pulse. I found Molly unconscious, but still alive, and pinned underneath Chloe's body. Tears prickling at the corners of my eyes, I delicately shifted Chloe aside and pulled Molly up. I sat her outside the door then went back inside looking for anyone else. I found Amanda slouched behind the kitchen counter, one of the Bringer's knives sat deeply embedded in her side. She looked up at me and started to say something but the words got lost on the way to her mouth.

Finally the paramedics entered the room as well. They lifted Amanda up onto a stretcher and she disappeared from view as a swarm of other men entered the room, taking pictures, and placing the bodies in bags. I couldn't take it. I spun around to flee the room and ran into Giles. His soft eyes looked hollow and cold at the sight of the carnage in front of him.

"Giles." The tears were leaking out of the corners of my eyes. He reached out and put his arms around me. I closed my eyes, but I could still see all the girls. Laying on the floor. Bleeding, lifeless, destroyed.
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28 July 2005 @ 11:31 pm
As I watched Lorne walk away, I raised a brow at his last comment. Well, second to last comment also. Why I ever let Lorne start calling me food I'll never know. Shaking my head, I turned around and started towards the stairs when Lorne finally disappeared down the hall. Cordy and Wes were bound to still be upstairs in Lorne's office waiting for me to get there and 'sniff' him. Not that I really needed to do much of that anyway. Human or not, that was Lorne alright. Though the one thing that surprised me about him was that look he kept giving me there for a while. Had he been reading me? God, I hope not. I hadn't sung anything at all, but sometimes Lorne was known for poking his demon senses in whether you sang or not.

I headed over to Lorne's office and it struck me that I wasn't even sure if I'd ever been to his office before now. Shaking my head, I did my best to avoid eye contact with the few people I passed on the way and I think they were doing the same. Why did I get the impression that I wasn't exactly liked around this place? Right because they liked characters like Lorne instead of me. Maybe I should've gone out with him tonight and gone 'club hopping' or whatever the hell he called it. I was a 'fuddy-duddy' after all according to Lorne.

Knocking on the door lightly, I half expected to hear voices behind the door including those of two girls who clung to Wesley like he was their only lifeline. Then again, was he? It was obvious that he cared for them and vice versa and I'd even mentioned to Cordelia that I wouldn't be surprised if he'd keep the girls himself. Wesley adopting to young girls. Wesley raising children. The situation was beyond ironic. I'd given up my son, saved him from the memories of me to come to Wolfram and Hart and in exchange Wesley ends up getting two children to look after in the process? Ironic wasn't even the word. Not that I still was upset about any of that. It was all in the past. Right?

When I didn't hear anyone behind the door, I pushed it open slowly and wondered why they were being so quiet. "Guys? I just saw Lorne and got a good 'sniff' of him. He's gone t-" I stopped short when I fully opened the door and saw an empty office. Scratching the back of my neck, I frowned and looked around for a moment just waiting for someone to pop out saying where they were still here or where they'd gone. When no one did, I shut the door and started to head back to my office.

The entire way back, I couldn't figure out where in the hell they'd gone. We had all agreed to meet up at Lorne's office right? Sighing needlessly, I brushed into my office and closed the door behind me. What I needed was a drink. Or something to eat.. er, drink as well. Or both. I pushed the button for the elevator and walked into the penthouse apartment once the doors reopened. This place was always fully stocked with drinks and blood. I fixed myself a glass of blood and slumped down on the couch.

Wesley raising two girls in the middle of this place wouldn't get out of my head. Did he honestly think that it was a good idea? Wolfram and Hart was probably the reason they ended up here to begin with. Had it been a client of ours who kidnapped the four of them? Hell if I know. Sipping at the blood, I sighed and tried to rest. It wasn't going to do much good, but a guy could try.
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28 July 2005 @ 08:22 am
Still can’t believe they put me in a room with Anya, what the bloody hell were they thinking with that one. Still think it’s all Angel’s fault there. What even gave them the idea to do that? Sure, we went and did the whole shagging thing once, but that was it. Just that once, nothing more then that. Wasn’t even too fond of her to being with. Next thing you know they’ll be shoving Harmony up in the room with us, that’ll be the day.

Only good thing going right now was an offer made to me. Seems that not all of Angel’s workers are for him, least one I know of that’s plotting against the sod. He should’ve known better then to become CEO of his former enemy. I already knew what he was thinking when I found out, thought he could work from inside the belly of the beast and change it from there. Never did work out that way, course they always have good intentions but you can’t bet the evil within. It tends to stand in your way a bit more, right underneath your noise, so close that you can’t even smell it coming.

Lilah wants me to help her get to him, torture him in ways. Can’t say I don’t like the sound of that. Just have to show up in front of him saying some witty remark and he gets all big eyed. Guess he’ll never learn a sodding thing.

I’m making my way down the halls of Wolfram and Hart, figure I got nothing better to do then make random appearances places. Maybe I could even run into Nancy boy himself and start some problems. Doubt that will happen at this time, probably in some big important meetings like he liked to do now a days. But hey, not like I can’t find something else to do round here.

[Open to anyone!!!]
21 July 2005 @ 11:16 pm
I felt bad saying that I'd go with Lorne to meet up with Angel, but Angel just makes me really uncomfortable. Especially since that thing in the office with Connor. Never did ask him about that. Guess I probably never will. I'm too intimadated by him. And plus there's no point. Don't think I'll ever see Connor again anyway.

I looked over the bulletin board pretending to be interested. Staff meetings, job postings, rituals. Blah blah. Nothing too interesting. But.. job postings? I should totally get a real job. But not here. No, I've had enough of this place. Somewhere far away from this stuff. A normal girl's job. Maybe work in retail or as a waitress. That could be cool right?

I made a bee-line for the door. No time like the present for a little job hunting.

First couple of places I checked out were clothing stores. Too bad they weren't hiring. I totally could have used the discounts. Oh well. Moving on. Luckily it was a nice day out for wandering around downtown LA.

Maybe I should try waitressing. I rounded a corner and stopped dead. It was the place that Connor and I had eaten at. No freaking way am I working there. Not even a chance.

I wandered the streets for hours, but with no luck. How could it be so hard to find a simple job in this city. I mean, come on! LA is huge! And there's no jobs for a seventeen year old girl? Please. There had to be something.

Then I finally saw it. A sign.

"Grand Opening! Now Hiring."

Looked like maybe a bar or a club or something. Probably wouldn't hire anyone under eighteen, but it was worth a shot. They were hiring, and I was getting pretty discouraged. I walked in and saw a man just getting up from a table. Looked like he'd been interviewing someone.

I went over and talked with him a bit.. He was apparently pretty desperate for waitresses at this little night club of his so he hired me right on the spot. I started tonight. And I get paid under the table plus getting tips. How awesome is that? But the "uniform"? We won't even go there. Just better hope no one I know comes in while I'm working...

I walked out of the club with a smile spread across my face. I had to go to the apartment. Had to shower and get ready for work and stuff.
17 July 2005 @ 08:40 pm
Willow left the office and that left me with a head full of thoughts. If someone were to walk in on me right now there's no doubt a discussion would be brought up on how much I was brooding, how solemn my face looked, or the shape of my brow. They always did that no matter what happened to be on my mind, but now dammit I had a very good reason to look the way I know I did. Not only was there one person back in my life that I never expected to see again, but now there were two more to add to that list. One of which I killed and the other died partly because of me. At least this was the way I always saw both situations.

What was I supposed to do or how was I supposed to act if I somehow ran into either one of them? Well, if Doyle happened to come back to the office I'd lock him in my office so he couldn't leave again, make him explain why he left in the first place, and then tell him how glad I was that he was back. He had been my first friend - and annoyance - here in the city. He'd gotten me to get up off my ass after leaving Sunnydale and doing something worth doing with my life rather than sulk over leaving Buffy the entire time.

Then there was Ms. Calendar. Did she hate me? I know that I would.. sometimes do. Seeing her again.. I have no idea how I would act or what I would say except that I knew there would be plenty of stares and meaningless 'I'm sorry' comments.

All that aside, now I was supposed to figure out how in the hell Lorne turned human - or if the person walking around claiming to be Lorne was really.. well, Lorne. What had they called me? A dog? Rolling my eyes at the thought, I knew what they had meant by the whole 'sniffing Lorne' comment. I liked to think of it as sensing someone's aura. That's right, sensing not sniffing.

Speaking of Wesley and the children, I wonder what happened to Wes when he went to play referee between Fred and Lilah. Also, how Cordelia was faring with Alicia and Marilee to watch while Wesley broke up what sounded like a soon to be or nearly begun fight.

Then there was Lorne and the client of his who turned him human. A part of me wanted to find out who the client was and pay him a visit, but then again I'd already taken that road once before and look where it had gotten me - right back where I was. I was a pastey-looking guy who brooded thought way too much with a blood habit.

Sighing needlessly I stood from the chair and walked out of the office, shutting the door behind me. I needed to find Lorne and then meet back up with Wesley and Cordelia to figure this all out.

[Open to Lorne and Dawn]
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14 July 2005 @ 06:44 pm
I stood there with the girls for a moment, Marilee tucked up safely in my arms (where she seemed to spend a good portion of her time on Wesley too, I'd noticed) and Alicia holding my hand, my gaze lingering on Angel as he left. I wasn't annoyed at Wesley for doing the whole interruptus-conversationus thing - we had problems here, big problems - it was just... Every time Angel and I tried to talk, every time I tried to tell him that, "yes, doofus, I still love you", something got in the way like...

Like Wesley. And kids. And human Lorne's. I was starting to think I was never going to be able to say it, starting to think that no matter what I did, Angel was never going to know.

Oh, I'd tried to tell him. Not ten minutes before that I'd tried to be strong and suggest my moving the hotel but it was all pointless. It was all pointless because I was contemplating a life without Angel and to me? That just wasn't a life at all. I'd been dosed with demon DNA for that man and truth be told? I'd do it all over again if I had to, even after, well, everything.

"Cordelia?" I felt a short little tug on my hand and looked down to find Alicia staring up at me, "You're starting to get a brow."

Huh? I wondered what she meant for a second, my face creasing in confusion. Starting to get a-- Oh. I started to laugh. "Then I guess we'd better go. Can't have me developing a brow like Angel's, can we?"

"Bwoody awful, really." Said the bundle of cuteness in my arms, nodding solemnly.

I managed to hide my smile, thinking that maybe Wes and I needed to have a discussion about some of his oh-so-British curses where the kids were concerned, especially since Marilee had seemed to pick those up with no apparent difficulty at all.

"C'mon, let's go hide out in Lorne's office, I'm sure he won't mind." I smiled, hoping that all the hellbeasts that probably graced the halls of this place on a daily basis would stay away. I so didn't fancy explaining that.

We got to Lorne's office, best decorated one in this entire building, might I add, and I sat Marilee down on the couch, smiling at them both. "Are you two hungry?"

Alicia, who'd taken it upon herself to be spokesperson for the pair, met my gaze. "Are we gonna have to go live in one of those places?"

I blinked. "One of what places, sweetie?"

"Y'know, the orphanages? Where the girls with no Mommy's and Daddy's go?"

My heart broke clean in two. Thanks, Wesley. Pick now to go separate your two formers and leave me to deal with the hard questions.

"Do they let Boo's in those orfunages?" Marilee asked, mulling it over for a second, "Cuz if they don't then me and Boo thinks we should stay here."

Alicia rolled her eyes at her sister but I could tell she was worried about this, had probably been mulling it over for ages. It was kinda nice that she waited to ask me the question, but the truth was? I didn't know. I didn't know what Wes was planning for them and nor, apparently, did Angel, although not that *that* was any different from usual. I loved Angel but he could particularly dense at times.

"I don't think so, sweetie," I told her, dropping to my knees in front of them. I mightn't know much but I knew Wesley and-- Okay, so Angel wasn't that clueless. "If I didn't know better, I might be thinking that he wanted to keep them himself."

"I know that Wesley's looking into it," I said gently, but that didn't mean a thing to the kids, why would it? "But if we find you somewhere? We'll make sure that they're the nicest people... And yeah," I said, reaching over to ruffle Marilee's hair, "We'll make sure that they have lots of space for Boo's. Y'know, in case he wants a Boo family of his own one day, he's quite the handsome guy."

She giggled and my heart swelled, going from breaking to simple happiness in five seconds flat. Only in this place, I guessed. I looked at Alicia, knowing that she had another question burning in there somewhere, but the door opened behind me and in walked Wesley looking, well, rather shocked, actually. "Everything okay?"

[open to Wesley]
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13 July 2005 @ 02:05 am
Let me be the first one to say that the beach really wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Not only was it incredibly crowded there, but I got hit with a frisbee, covered in sand, and I think I may end up with a sunburn. So scratch that one off the list of things to do, because I think I could definately do without the surf. Going to the beach in California was too cliché for me, anyways.

I didn't much care for the mall, either. The place was filled with screaming children, awful music, pushy vendors, and handfuls of too many teenagers trying to look cool by hanging out infront of the video arcade. I spent most of my time there wandering around and getting lost, window shopping, and being followed around by a group of giggling young girls. I did manage to pick up a new suit while I was there, a sharp black Armani (For that newly human GQ-Model look), I might add.

When I left the mall, I did however decide it might be nice to walk back to the Firm, seeing as it was a relatively nice day and going for a walk in Los Angeles in broad daylight was something i'd never done before. I slung the bag containing my new suit over my shoulder, and proceeded to walk back to the offices. I guess I can kinda say I wasn't too impressed with the scenery. This city is pretty smoggy, and in the daylight, there's so much more dirt to be seen. Guess this wasn't all it was cracked up to be, either.

All in all, my day was rather disappointing. Being human does have it's upside, but the downside to it all is realizing that I guess I wasn't missing much. However, it was still early, and there was still the nightlife that needed to be checked out. Now that, I was definately looking forward to. I mean, anyone who knows me knows I can't resist a good party. Especially one with music and liquor.

In the meantime, when I returned home, I decided it would be best to head back into the Firm to touch base with everyone, and check in on what I missed while I was out. After I had a shower (which, I'm going to add, was well, different, you know, seeing everything in pink) I threw on my new black suit with a matching black shirt and a red kerchief tucked into the breast pocket. (Fred better not say this particular suit was awful, because I looked damn sharp.)

When I decided I was presentable enough to head back into the fray, I left my apartment, anxious to see who else I could run into.

((Open to anyone at the firm who won't recognize me! hee hee))