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"Ruben West. I swear to god if you walk past my office doorway one more time I am going to tar you, feather you, and leave you in the lobby for everyone to stare at."

Ruben was a new para-legal. He had just joined the firm before Angelfish had taken over. He still had no idea what he was doing and had taken to following me around like a frightened puppy dog. He had been pacing outside my office for the better part of an hour. "Anya?" I called, waiting to see her perky blonde head peek around the corner. "Will you please escort Mr West away from my office and give him a swift kick in the ass with your very tasteful shoes?"

I closed my office door and went back to the mounds of paperwork that was littering my desk. It was getting late, most employees had gone home for the night. Yet here I was. It sort of reminded me of my old days at Wolfram and Hart. The days where I would stay extra hours every night just to get one up on the competition.

Rubbing my temples I went back to work. I was actually starting to form a semi-strong case. Wesley might just be calling himself "Daddy" sooner than expected. I sealed some submittal forms into a manila envelope and placed it on Anya's empty desk, (she still hadn't returned) with a note to drop them by the courthouse on her way home.

Sitting back down at my desk, my eyes aching from re-reading case details again and again, I dialed a number on my phone.

"Judge Reinholt? Lilah Morgan."

I put on a soothing tone, that could easily charm most people as I continued. "Listen, I need a little favor. I've got a custody hearing that I'm working on. Would you be an absolute doll and push it forward for me?"

I paused, listening, while he yammered on the other end of the line. My voice still soothing and soft, I continued on..."But sweetie, If you don't do it I'll make sure and tell your wife all about that sordid little affair we had a couple of years back." There was silence on the other end of the line.

"I thought you'd come around to my way of thinking. Why don't you call back in the morning and leave a message with my assistant about when the hearing is? Thanks a million." I laughed softly before hanging up on him.
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The book was huge and I curled up around it as I struggled to read the rather complicated tome. When Giles told me he was going to lend me his copy of the Abridged History of the Watchers Council I had imagined a book small enough to carry in a purse, or at least a back pack. I had not expected something along the lines of the abridged Oxford English Dictionary, not only in size but also in content. The pages are so think they are nearly transparent and the text is so dense it information it makes the Bible seem very nearly wordy.

I sighed and closed the book giving up for the day. I knew Giles wanted to meet so we could discuss what I had read but I really had no idea what to ask. Granted there were a lot of questions on my mind but I did not want to ask a question that might make me seem a bit on the dim side.

I closed the tome and reached for my hot cocoa. I figured that reading was always a bit more enjoyable when hot chocolate was added to the mix. I had managed not to spill a single drop and was proud of myself. I had even refrained from smoking while reading just in case I dropped an ash. I craved a cigarette like nothing else though, craved something to take the edge off. Things would get better, they had too, or at least that is what I told myself. After all my problems were with Wolfram and Hart and I no longer really worked there. I had a new job and one with someone far less evil than Lilah Morgan.

I got up and packed the book away. I had made an appointment to see Giles in a few hours and wanted to make sure I arrived early. Giles seemed like the type to value promptness and I wanted to make sure and be prompt. I needed to make a good impression.
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"So, Angel, I have a thing, you have a thing... Maybe we could both have a-- Ugh." I groaned, stabbing the elevator button with one finger. What the hell was I doing? What was I thinking come to think of it? I'd taken the kids out with Wesley, gone out to get ice cream and have the big kind of break for the life-affirming conversations with Angel that seemed to get interrupted at, oh, every turn.

I'd been so determined to get out of Wolfram and Hart earlier this week. It wasn't me, I'd told myself, I was on a different road.

Except that was the thing about being in love with someone. Your roads? They kinda meshed. And it didn't matter whether he was the head of some evil law firm or running a little pig farm down in New Jersey, your paths? Were meshing. And there wasn't a thing you could do about it.

I didn't come to that realisation easily. I never really did anything easy as far as Angel was concerned. Hell, two years ago and Groo knew I loved him way before I did - but things had got in the way. Things like-- Like higher beings and wayward sons and certain people going evil and falling into comas and dying and stuff.

See what I mean? It was like life was permanently a hard way between me and Angel, there was always something getting in the way. Except today? I was kinda stepping around that. I was cheating, I guessed. I wasn't sure what path the Powers wanted me on. I knew I'd been sent back and I still had the visions but since the only vision that had guest-spotted in my head had told me about Angel's decision to work here? I wasn't sure what the hell was going on there.

The only thing I knew today was that I was riding up in the elevator of doom (okay, so I was being a little dramatic) on my way to tell Angel that I loved him. Loved him. As in really loved him. As in had loved him forever just hadn't realised how much 'til now.

Oh God.

The elevator doors slid open and I was rewarded with darkness. I'd already had Wesley's assistant call ahead and make sure he wasn't in a meeting or whatever, had it confirmed from Harmony that his schedule was all free that afternoon. Angel was mine until at least later that evening in which I'd have enough time to spank my inner moppet and actually tell him how I felt-- And he was still sleeping?

I headed into his bedroom, saw his sleeping form tangled up in the covers and threw open the drapes (seriously, what was with the drapes still?), knowing damn fine that he couldn't burn up into a crispy fry with his necro-tempered glass or whatever.

"You're still sleeping?" I demanded, loudly, "It's like mid-day, Angel, geez!" Sometimes? It was like being in love with the worlds oldest teenager. And we'd not be saying that thought out loud yet.

"Did something crawl in here and die?" I asked, wrinkling my nose. Stale alcohol. Eww.

[Open to Angel]
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Dear God, there was nothing worse than coming into work on a Sunday. The only thing worse than coming into work on a Sunday was voluntarily coming into work on a Sunday, simply because there was nothing else to do at the apartment. I mean, unless I wanted to go counsel traumatized teenage girls... The attack did happen practically next door. I tried talking to them, but by the looks on their faces, I could see they didn't really like my enthused, "Your friends died, you probably will too," speech. Well, what was I supposed to tell them? Everyone dies around here anyway. I mean, my boss was dead too- now she's alive and kicking in her Manolo Blaniks.

I just figured Willow would bring back any dead potential, she seemed to be doing a damn good job of reviving people, however long past they were. I even asked Tara if Willow should revive the dead potentials. She shot me the dirtiest look I'd ever seen... for Tara, anyway. I assume Tara's all dominatrix about Willow's magick, but if potentials are dying left and right? We might need Willow to step up to the plate and kill some bitches. The... evil bitches. It just sounded cool.

I sat at my desk, gnawing on the end of a highlighter, trying to read some of Lilah's documents she needed tommorow. I started highlighting haphazardly, not even paying attention to what I was reading. Sometimes highlighting the words made it easier for me to pay attention to the text, what with the yellow shiny of the pen.

Out of frustration with just working and not being able to focus, I threw down the highlighter and took a long sip of coffee. I glanced over at the clock. 10:30 AM. I'd been here twenty minutes...

(Open to anyone)
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Despite my "incident" with Ms. Burkle I spent the rest of my evening quite relaxed. Lindsey was back in town, and although I always hated to admit it...he was quite the player in our little game. It would be good to have him back on my side again. I couldn't wait to see the things that we came up with for little Angel.

I entered the office the next day full of renewed vigor. My trademark swagger back in my step, and I laughed at the little gremlins running around doing Angel and Co's bidding.

I found Eve and spent a large portion of my morning messing with her precious little head. She still seemed to be rather moony over Lindsey. I made sure I would definately have to keep those two apart. There was no way I was going to let her little manicured ass get in the way of our plans. Although come to think of it, she could be useful in getting messages from the senior partners...No. Definately not. Too risky.

After getting my fill of torturing Eve I spent my lunch hour with Anya. She sat behind her desk and I balanced myself on the edge while we ate chinese take-out. She was in the midst of an amusing story that she had heard in the break room about Lorne being turned human after he turned down a Plingu's recording contract when a tall dark and hunched shadow fell over her desk. Expecting Angel, I looked up to find none other than Wesley. Interesting. I would have thought he wouldn't be seen anywhere near me after that fight I had with his little Freddles in the hallway the other day.

"Shrimp?" I asked skewering with my chopsticks and wiggling it in his direction. He gave me one of his patened Wyndam-Pryce looks, (the ones that got me into bed in the first place) and I gave him a little shrug, popping the shrimp into my own mouth.

(Open To Wes.)
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I had woken awake with a gasp as I'd done for the past few nights at the hospital. I look over to my right at the digital clock that sat on my bedside table: 2:30AM. That was the longest I'd ever slept since...well, since the night of the fight with the bringers. I still couldn't get it through my head that they were gone. It really put things in perspective. There were only a couple of us left that were in the fight. It could only be a matter of days that they come back for us. But now, I'm pretty sure that we'll have better protection. I've even heard that we might share apartments with people from Wolfram and Hart.

Collen, Molly, and I are the only ones that made it out. Alive. My best friends there were Vi and Chloe. And...well, I don't even like to think about it. I try to avoid the thought by reading. I've read about a hundred books since I got into the hospital, but whenever I fall asleep, I relive everything.

I haven't gotten too many visiters. Just some random people from Wolfram and Hart who kind of watch over us and make sure that the bringers aren't going to come into the hospital. I actually think that they're working on a spell to protect the hospital from them or something. That sounds pretty cool. I wonder if they would teach us some magick. Then we could maybe protect ourselves in a fight.
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"Alright kid. It's just me and you. Staring contest...first one to blink loses. Ready, Set, GO!"

I gripped the sides of the sink as I had a staring contest with myself in the bathroom mirror. My eyes were begining to sting and water, just as the bathroom door slammed open. The unexpected noise made me blink. The woman who had entered gave me a strange look and hurried to lock herself inside one of the stalls. I squinted my eyes at my reflection in the mirror.

Another draw. Next time you are going down.

I giggled to myself as I wiped my eyes and made my way out of the Wolfram and Hart bathrooms. It was true, I was back at work and holding up very nicely according to Jenny and Giles. I was just so BORED. Things had been insanely quiet at the law offices of the Wolf, Ram, and Hart. I know that the magick department was still pretty new here, but still! It seems like we never had as much to do as the rest of the other departments. So to amuse myself I would wander the halls people watching, and have staring contests with myself in the bathroom mirrors. Pathetic.

After meandering around for another little while, I decided to get in a good tour of this place. With the few months that we've been here, I still didn't know where everything was. Humming the mission impossibe theme to myself I began poking my nose where it most certainly did not belong.

(A futile attempt to keep this game from dying. Open to anyone who still wants to play)
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Jenny had heard about the Unitarian Universalisms Pagan Society on the internet. She had scoffed at the idea of joining a primarily Christian organization, even one that was open to pagans. After all she only needed her internet pagan group; she was a techno pagan after all and she only needed her technology to perform the rituals she did. However death can change a woman.

It was hard to relate to people anymore. For the first few days after being brought back to life Jenny spent most of her time alone in her room or with Giles. She was scared to venture out to the real world because last time she did this she died. Her neck still ached at times and though she knew this was an artificial aching it still kept her properly afraid of the real world.

She knew though that if things were to ever get better she would need to leave her room time to time and meet other people. That was why she was here, in a middle of a UU church, bowing her head as the local High Priestess led everyone in guided meditation. Jenny was trying to follow along. She was trying to see the woods, the trees, and the birds flying over head. However she could not see any of this, she could only fell her pulse quicken as an invisible presence brought fear to her heart.

“Now everyone open your eyes.” Jenny opened her eyes and felt an easy smile break her lips. People around her seemed so at peace, so relaxed, for a moment Jenny wondered if she even belonged here. “Ok who wants to say who there spirit animal is.” That is when Jenny decided she needed to leave. She did not know why but for some reason she was hit with a feeling of dread. It hit her hard, a blow almost physical in nature.

People watched her as she left but she did not care. If she did not get out of that place now she would loose it.. and she lost too much already. She left the place and went straight home. She needed to be with him, she needed to know he was alright needed him to protect her from the invisible thing that seemed to be following her where ever she went. She needed Giles.

(open to Giles when he is ready)