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Beyond Buffy

Life After Sunnydale

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Welcome to Beyond Buffy!

November, 2005: The Game So Far
The Year is 2002. The problem? The First got antsy early, and all that focusy energy on the non-existent seal of danzalthar caused a big freaking explosion, ruining sunnydale. Luckily, the scoobies were able to get out in time... along with a few others. Unsure of what to do next, the scoobies get an offer from their old friend. It seems that Angel Investigations has moved to Wolfram and Hart and they need a few good people to help them.

The scoobies accept the offer and move to L.A. After a few months there, some interesting things have happened. Lilah, Cordelia, Darla, Doyle, and Jenny Calender were all brought back from the dead. The Bringers launched an attack on the potentials, massacring them. Wesley has adopted two adorable little girls. And Lorne was temporarily turned into a pink squishy human.

After the craziness had ebbed, Giles realized that someone needed to rebuild the Watcher's Council if they were ever going to defend the Slayer Line against the first and it's Bringers. With some (unwilling) help from the Council's remaining members, the New and Improved WC was born. You know what that means, don't you? Road Trip! Or, Plane Trip as it were. The gang packed up and moved to the Mother Country. Of course Wolfram and Hart didn't like the idea of it's biggest players in the apocolypse moving so far away, so the Senior Partners decided that a UK branch was in order. The Scoobies Take Europe. I'd say some hijinks are definately in store.


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